Overcoming Obstacles [video]

Parents have many questions when it comes to their children and sex and sexuality. This video tackles the most common obstacles parent encounter when raising sexually healthy children.

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0:00 welcome to talk and thrive education series on overcoming the most common
0:04 obstacles to talk and comfortably with your children about sex and sexuality
0:07 today we’re going to talk about how to build a strong foundation for raising
0:12 sexually healthy children
0:14 so raising a child to be sexually healthy adult is kind of like designing
0:17 a building the first thing you want to do is you have to build a strong
0:21 foundation
0:22 the foundation has to be sturdy and you can’t build the foundation after you
0:26 bought the house right i mean that’s just silly
0:28 if you do that that building is going to go down
0:31 raising children to be sexually healthy adults requires a strong foundation that
0:35 is created in childhood waiting until their adolescence is like making the
0:39 foundation in the middle of the building which is not a good idea
0:43 so for children a strong foundation looks like understanding that the body
0:48 can bring them pleasure by way of hugs and kisses and caresses and that they
0:52 also have to take care of it
0:54 learning how to effectively communicate their needs and feelings hearing the
0:58 truth about how babies are made and born seeing models of healthy relationships
1:04 around them experiencing touch that is loving and caring control over who
1:10 touches their body and when hearing that they are worthwhile and lovable hearing
1:16 positive and empowering messages about their bodies receiving positive messages
1:21 about accepting who they are
1:23 and finally knowing the correct names for their body parts especially their
1:27 genitals
1:28 if there are holes in the foundation then they are more likely to stumble and
1:32 get hurt as adolescents which will in turn impact how sexually healthy they
1:36 are as adults
1:39 to learn more about building this strong foundation please check out our website
1:42 at www.TalkAndThrive.com

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