frightened by porn

Difficult Topics: Porn

Emi Canahuati sexuality education

Yesterday, I had the privilege to be on a panel at Vanderbilt University for their Sex Ed and Healthy Relationships Week. They are doing some fun stuff around healthy sexuality: a birthday party for The Pill and a burlesque show. They are discussing more serious topics, like interracial dating. I’m doing a talk on self-pleasuring  on Friday :-). The panel last night …

Relationships are hard!

Emi Canahuati sexuality education

All these breakups were just announced this month! Relationships are hard y’all. Gavin + Gwen Jennifer + Ben Reba + Narvel Miss Piggy + Kermit Not that we model our lives after Hollywood! I don’t remember the last time I walked the red carpet or had 3 nannies. Do you? However, the hot and famous have to deal with relationship issues …

fireworks as a metaphor for pleasure

Pleasure in “Orange Is The New Black”

Emi Canahuati sexuality education

If you are like me and a whole lot of other folks you are watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. I just finished watching Season 3, Episode 10, “A Tittin’ and a Hairin.” There are many disturbing and upsetting things in this episode, including the assumption that women don’t take pleasure in sex. (trigger warning: sexual assault and …